Lory's 12 TIPS to Meet Many 45+ Singles
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TIP 1 - Take the Plunge!

It's IMPORTANT for Singles to Socialize and Meet other Singles in their age group. It's time for you to get out and meet people.


TIP 2 - Make an Appearance

Show Up!

MeetUp is all about meeting in person, not typing on a computer or updating things on your facebook page. People make the difference in PERSON.

TIP 3 - Meet Someone New

After Checking in, make a point to Introduce yourself to someone new.

At some events, they have name tags, they may charge something for admission to the event and/or they may ask for a $1 or $2 to help cover the cost of the meetup.

TIP 4 - Introductions

Find the organizers and introduce yourself to them. Let them know that you are new to the group and shake their hand.

At my meetups, I always introduce new members to a group of individuals.

TIP 5 - Join Others

Find a place to sit and join others. You can ask if it's OK to join them. Most singles will say yes, if they are alone to.

If not, do not be discouraged, find another open seat. Most of the people who are in my groups are very friendly and welcoming to new people.

Remember, singles groups have lots of people who WANT TO MEET OTHER SINGLES. There are other groups out there that can be very clicky and not welcoming at all.

TIP 6 - Start a Conversation

Engage in Conversation

You can always ask questions like, I'm new to the group or I've never been to any meetup groups before...Have you been going to events with this group before? If yes, then ask if they like it.

Some of my groups have an ice breaker question to get people to interact with one another. We also have mixer games to add to the fun of meeting new people.

We have dance lessons and dance mixers to get other singles to dance with one another.

TIP 7 - Network Network Network

Network with Other Singles.

Ask them what other meetup groups that they go to. Ask them if they know of any singles groups having events in the area.

TIP 8 - Participate

Participate in these events!!!

You really need to attend and participate in these singles events, meet new people, make new friends and find out where to go to meet other singles in your age group.

TIP 9 - Volunteer

Volunteer to help at the events.

This gives you an excuse to go to the event, to meet new people and most likely, get in free for helping. By volunteering to help a group that you like, gives you purpose and you start to feel good about helping others.

TIP 10 - Socialize

It's time to start socializing in general.

If you go to an event, you need to set goals for yourself, like, I am going to meet 3 new people at this event tonight.

As you participate in conversation, you practice your social skills, make new friends and even meet potential dates when you are ready.

TIP 11 - Respond, if you please

Stop being Non-Committal!!

If you RSVP YES, then GO! If something comes up, like work, sick, etc...Cancel online, apologize for the late notice and wish for others to have fun - maybe next time....

Make sure you don't cancel all of the time, because people may think you are not interested in the group.

Technically RSVP is French for
répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning “reply please”.



Enjoy going to the events, meeting new people, socializing, networking and tell others how much fun you've had at the event. When meetup asks how did you like it, fill it out and be complimentary.

Being positive and complimentary helps bring more singles into the group.

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