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Message from Lory on June 23, 2018

MeetUp charges 6 months in advance for me to have 3 meetups under one email address. At the present time, I pay for 2 email addresses, which is getting too expensive. I have a bill coming up at the end of the month and just partnered up with another person who will be taking over two of the meetup groups. I will be letting go of one.

I will still be the organizer for three groups.
1. Denver Social Dancing - Still Lory's Meetup
2. Socializing & Stepping in Style (formerly Dress up Social) - Still Lory's Meetup
3. Singles On the Move - 40's & 50's - Still Lory's Meetup
I have a working class crowd in their 40's, 50's and early 60's. We also invite younger singles and couples in the Denver Social Dancing Meetup since the Proof Night Club is a 35+ Bar.

The following 2 MeetUp Groups will have a new organizer:
4. Savvy Singles in Motion - John's new Meetup
5. Fantastic 50+ Singles Set in Motion - John's new meetup. John Edwards has dances for a 65+ singles & couples. Most are retired. He also has a very large email distribution list in the thousands. He owns Boomer Social Network and soon he will be changing the name of the Fantastic 50+ Singles set in motion.

Lory will let go of this MeetUp Group:
6. North Denver Metro Singles in Motion - 40's & 50's

If you like coming to my events, you are welcome to join one of the other meetups that I organize. See above.

I went back to work in February part time and I plan on working part time on the events, instead of full time, beginning July 1st. I appreciate all the help that I can get from those who assist with the events on a volunteer basis. I still remain a strong advocate for the 40+ singles social circuit in and around the Denver Metro area.

If you would like to join my email list for this website, please go to - Sign Up Events E-List and enter in your first name and email address to keep in touch.

Have a great weekend!

Message from Lory 6/28/18

Hi All,

It ia getting too expensive to hold onto all 6 of my Meetup groups. Meetup charges 6 months in advance. So I will be keeping 3 of the largest groups and looking for other ways to cut costs. I will be letting go of the North VS South Denver Singles in Motion - 40's & 50's.

Starting July 1st, John Edwards, of Boomer Social Network (65+ Singles & Couples) will be the organizer of the following groups:

- Savvy Singles in Motion 60+

- Fantastic 50+ Singles Set in Motion He will soon change the name of this one.

I will still be a coordinator of these 2 groups to help out for a while.

If you would like to be a part of one of my Active MeetUp Groups, Please join one of the following:




Thank you for all of your support over the years.

~ Lory

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