Name that Fictional Character
When: Saturday, August 11, 2018 7:00AM-8:15PM
Where: Chinook Tavern 6380 S Fiddlers Green Circle in Greenwood Village


We will give you a fictional character to get other people to try and guess what it is. Most are from a TV show or movie. The men get male characters and the women will get female characters.

Fictional Characters
When: Saturday, August 11, 2018 7:20PM

Lady Characters
99 Get Smart
Adrian Balboa Rocky
Alicia The Good Wife
Anna Anna & the King
Baby Dirty Dancing
Buffy Vampire Slayer
Carrie Bradshaw Sex in the City
Cassie The Good Witch
Cat Woman
Chrissy Three's Company
Daphne Frazier
Delilah Samson & Delilah
Diana Wonder Woman
Diane Chambers Cheers
Donna Suits
Dorothy Gale Wizard of Oz
Dr Mike Dr Quinn Medicine Woman
Elaine Seinfeld
Eliza Doolittle My Fair Lady
Elizabeth McCord Madam Secretary
Elizabeth Swan Pirates of the Carribbean
Erin Brockovich
Fran The Nanny
Ginger Gilligan's Island
Grace Will & Grace
Guinevere (Gwen) Merlin
Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie
Jennifer WKRP in Cincinatti
Joan Watson Elementary
Judy Benjamin Private Benjamin
Julia Sugarbaker Designing Women
Julie Love Boat
Kara Super Girl
Kate Beckett CASTLE
Katniss Hunger Games
Kono Hawaii 5-0
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Larvern Lavern & Shirley
Lois Lane Superman
Maid Marion Robinhood
Mallory Family Ties
Marcia Brady Bunch
Maria Von Trapp Sound of Music
Mary Queen of Scotland - Reign
Maryanne Gilligan's Island
Max 2 Broke Girls
Melinda Ghost Whisperer
Monica - Friends
Nancy Drew
Parker Leverage
Peg Bundy Married with Children
Penny Big Bang Theory
Phoebe Friends
Princess Leia Star Wars
Rachel Friends
Rachel Suits
Rose Titanic
Sabrina Teenage Witch
Sam Sixteen Candles
Samantha Bewitched
Sandy Grease
Scarlette O'Hara Gone with the Wind
Scully X-Files
Snooky Jersey Shore
Storm X-Men
Thelma Thelma & Louise
Vivian Pretty Woman
Wednesday Adams Adams Family

Men Characters
Ace Ventura
Al Capone Untouchables
Austin Powers
Benjamin Bates National Treasure
Bilbo Baggins Hobbit
BJ Hunnicutt MASH
Bret Maverick
Butch Cassidy - & the Sundance Kid
Capt Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Carribbean
Capt James Kirk Star Trek
Capt Jean Luc Picard Star Trek Next Generation
Captain America
Clark Kent Superman
Count Dracula
Crocodile Dundee
Danny Reagan Blue Bloods
Darth Vader Star Wars
Dick Tracy
Dirty Harry
Dr Jason Bull BULL
Dwayne Pride NCIS New Orleans
Eathan Hunt Mission Impossible
Edward Scissorhands
Ferris Bueller
Fonzie Happy Days
Frank Moses RED
Gomez Addams Family
Hannibal A-Team
Harry Potter
Hawkeye Pierce MASH
Hondo SWAT
Indiana Jones
Inspector Jacques Clouseau Pink Panther
Invisible Man
Jack Ryan Hunt for Red October
James Bond 007
Joey Friends
John Reese Person of Interest
Leonard Big Bang Theory
Lone Ranger
Mad Max
Marty McFly Back to the Future
Mr Spock Star Trek
Oscar The Odd Couple
Peter Parker - Spiderman
Rhett Butler Gone with the Wind
Richie Cunningham Happy Days
Robert MacGregor Rob Roy
Rocky Balboa Rocky
Roger Healy I Dream of Jeanie
Sam Malone Cheers
Sherlock Holmes Elementary
Sir William Wallace Braveheart
Steve McGarrett Hawaii 5-0
Ted Baxter Mary Tyler Moore
The Joker Batman
The Professor Gilligan's Island
The Terminator
Tony Iron Man
Tony Di Nozzo - NCIS
Tony Nelson I Dream of Jeanie
Vinnie Barbarino Welcome Back Kotter
Walter Scorpion
William Thatcher A Knight's Tale
Wolverine X-Men
Wyatt Earp

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