Name that Character - from a Show - Series - Movie
When: Saturday, November 14, 2020 6:30PM-9:00PM
Where: Brick House 19320 Cottonwood Dr, Parker, CO 80138

We have a list of Male & Female CHARACTERS from a Show, Movie or TV Series and you select a number and we give you the name of the character. You can pick a friend to be your team-mate to share the name of the character. Then the others need to ask you questions to get clues and try and guess NAME THAT CHARACTER.

1 Criminal or Law inforcer?
2 Did they have a partner in crime?
3 Was it a Comedy?
4 TV Series or Movie? Has it been on cable TV recently?
5 Comic strip?
6 Is the character from a different era? Before 1950?
7 Do kids like to dress up like this person on Halloween?
8 Do they have a title in their name?
9 Loved by the opposite sex?
10 American or foreigner?
11 Does the character have super powers?
12 Are they a bad-ass?
13 Do they work alone or in a group?
14 Are they a HERO?
15 Do they travel around the world or in a different galaxy?
16 Kid or Adult? Young adult or Old?
17 Two different identities? What is their profession?
18 Is the character not that bright or incredibly smart?
19 Are they the lead character?
20 Is this person a side kick?
21 Is the show a musical or is there dancing?
22 Beauty & Brains?
23 Is the actor still alive?
24 Do they have a British Accent?
25 Is the actor/actress in Commercials on TV?
26 What does the character do for a living?
27 What color hair does the character have?
28 Is the character a parent?
29 Does the character have a funny laugh?
30 Does this character have their own business?
31 If you think you know the show, take a guess.
32 If you guessed correctly, then NAME THE CHARACTER

If you think you know the show, take a guess. If you guessed correctly, try taking a guess at the character.

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