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Dine & Dance Saturday, May 30th @ Valley Country Club

Pay Online $48.00 for Lory's Dinner & Dance

Dinner & Dance $48 per person Pay in Advance Online with Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal Account. Limited to 45 openings or possibly by 5/30 whichever comes first. Includes admission to the dance.

Dinner & Dance $48

Please be aware if we have the event, no refunds. If you pay in advance for dinner and need to cancel your reservation, you may elect to transfer it to another member/friend of yours. All dinners need to be paid at least one week prior to the event so we can immediately pay the country club.

Dance Only @ Valley Country Club Saturday, May 30th

Pay Online $23.00 for Lory's Dance 5/30/2020 @ Valley Country Club

Please be aware if we have the event, no refunds.

Donations Accepted

Donations are greatly appreciated to help pay for the advertising costs including MeetUp.

NO REFUNDS When you pay in advance and we have the event.

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